GreaseMunky User Guide

Trip Log

The trip log is typically entered in two steps. When you start the trip, enter the start date/time and the mileage and, if desired, a note indicating the purpose of the trip. While the trip is in progress, an end mileage and date are not yet provided, so the trip log entry will indicate only that the trip is in progress:

We see just below the start date the text Trip in progress indicating we are en route. When we complete the trip, we will edit the trip record to enter the end mileage and end date/time:

Now the trip record is complete. The start date is in the upper left, and to the right of that is the total distance traveled. Just below the start date, we have the end date, and to its right is the trip duration (expressed in days, hours and minutes). Finally, as with all log entries, there can be an optional note included. If so, it is displayed on the bottom line of the log entry.