GreaseMunky User Guide

Synchronizing Multiple iPhones

You can synchronize the data on your iPhone with data on another device by selecting Sync with another iPhone from the Rides page:

After selecting this option, you will be presented with a dialog while the application automatically searches for other iPhones in range of your phone's Bluetooth hardware. The other device must be running GreaseMunky, or there will be nothing available to synchronize with.

Once another device is identified, you will be presented with the name of the device in a dialog. If the name in the dialog is the name associated with the device you wish to synchronized data with, you select the name of device. The data from the remote device will then be downloaded to your device, and records that differ with records you have will be presented in a dialog. You may then select any of these records by clicking the row in the associated table. When you have selected all the records you wish to save, click the Save button to add the records. Then just press the navigation button labeled Rides to return to the Rides page.