GreaseMunky User Guide

Scheduled Maintenance

GreaseMunky includes features that allow users to specify scheduled maintenance tasks at specified mileage intervals and/or time intervals. The user can create their own scheduled maintenance tasks as well as modify the intervals for those that are predefined.

The Scheduled Maintenance screen is entered from the Logs screen, and looks like this:

The + button at the right of the navigation bar can be clicked to add a new entry. When you click this button, you are taken to the Maintenance Type screen, which is described elsewhere. When arrived at from this page, this screen will only list maintenance types that are specified as scheduled maintenance types. Select the scheduled maintenance types you want to monitor, then when you return from this page, they will be presented in the Scheduled Maintenance screen listing.

Once items have been added, it is displayed in the list. For each entry in the list, as shown above, the mileage and date where the maintenance comes due is displayed. If the maintenance is past due, it is displayed in red. Additionally, a numeric badge is displayed on the application icon in the iPhone application browser.

You can select the entry in the list to navigate to an editor for that schedule entry. That editor looks like this:

The frequency of the maintenance can be changed, if necessary. The maintenance schedule varies from vehicle to vehicle, so on occasion, it will be necessary to change one of these values. You can specify zero for the miles or months in the schedule editor to get it to ignore mileage or time respectively for that maintenance type. There is also an option here to ignore the current tardiness. If the item is not behind schedule, this option is disabled. From this page, we can also click the delete button to delete the schedule from the list.