GreaseMunky User Guide

Editing the Rides List

From the Rides screen, you can either add new rides or delete existing rides. To add a new vehicle to your list, select the + in the right corner of the navigation bar:

Add a Ride

When you click on Add button, you are taken to the Rides Editor, where information about the new vehicle can be entered. The next section goes into detail on this editor. When you dismiss the Rides Editor by selecting the Save button, a new entry will appear in the list.

If you wish to delete entries from this list, you simply enter the list editor mode, and delete the ride entries in a way you are likely already accustomed to. To enter the list editing mode, select the Edit button:

Delete a Ride

After selecting the Edit button, the list will be adjusted to include the delete controls as shown:

Rides List Editing

The minus symbol next to each entry is selected to delete the associated vehicle. Once the minus button is select, a Delete button appears in the row as shown here in the first row, next to F250. If you then select the delete button, the vehicle, and all its associated data will be deleted forever. Note that once the vehicle is gone, its data is not recoverable.