GreaseMunky User Guide


If you have entered only one vehicle, the Rides screen will be skipped, since its real purpose is to select from among the vehicles you have entered. You can always navigate back to the Rides page. This page allows users to add new vehicles and remove vehicles:

Managing your list of vehicles is described in detail in the section on Rides List Editing, and changing the data associated with a vehicle is described in Rides Editor section.

Synchronizing with another iPhone

Another option on this page is used to synchronize data with another iPhone. With both devices running GreaseMunky, select this option; a dialog will appear where the remote device may be selected. Once selected, the data from the remote phone is transmitted to this phone, and the records that differ from records already stored are displayed in a table where they can be selected for inclusion with the local data. More on this in the section on Synchronizing Data.

Importing Comma Separated Value Files

GreaseMunky can import Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. These common and simple spreadsheet files can be dropped onto the device via iTunes, and their contents imported in a process described in Importing Comma Separated Value Files.