GreaseMunky User Guide

Ride Editor

The Ride Editor screen displays information about any of the vehicles in your stable, and enables the modification of those fields. The editor is displayed below:

The Ride Editor is a list containing four sections: Identifying Information, Manufacture Information, Purchase Information and Notes. As with any editor in the GreaseMunky application, simply select the row to edit the fields it contains.

Identifying Information

This section shows fields that identify the vehicle. The first row contains a picture (potentially of the vehicle, but it can be whatever you would like). If you select this row, you will be asked if you would like to select a photo from the library, or if a camera is available, you will have the option of taking a phone from within the app.

The next row contains three fields: Name, VIN and License.

This is any name you choose to identify this vehicle.
The vehicle identification number, commonly referred to as the VIN. See your vehicle user manual for information on where you can find this number on your vehicle.
The license plate uniquely identifies a vehicle as well.

Manufacture Information

This is where the basic manufacture information – make, model and year – is displayed.

The name of the company that manufactured the vehicle (e.g., Ford)
The vehicle model name (e.g., F250, for the Ford F250 pickup truck)
The year that the vehicle was manufactured

Purchase Information

Basic information about the purchase, including its mileage at the time of purchase and the date of the purchase.

The mileage as read from the vehicle odometer at the time of purchase.
The date the vehicle was purchased.


In this section, any notes associated with the vehicle or purchase are stored.