GreaseMunky User Guide


GreaseMunky includes extensive reporting features. Reporting comes in two basic forms: graphs and email. The Reports screen looks like this:

The first section includes the graphing features. Fuel cost, fuel efficiency, as well as repair costs can all be plotted over time. Data can be plotted for the individual vehicle, or data from other vehicles can be included and plotted as well.

If other vehicles have sufficient data to justify a plot, when you click the associated graph entry from the table on the Reports screen, you will be presented with another table where you may select other vehicles to include in the plot. If you select no other vehicles on this page, you will plot only the current vehicle.

If there are no other vehicles to sufficient data to justify graphic, you will be taken directly to the plot for the current vehicle.

The last section allows you to send email reports containing information about the various logs.

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