GreaseMunky User Guide

Repair Log

The repair log displays all the maintenance data available:
Repair Log
The date field is in the upper left, to the right of that is the cost. Costs are displayed using a locale specific symbol for the amount (in this example, a dollar sign). The symbol used is dictated by the locale setting you specify in the iPhone's system settings; there is no GreaseMunky setting that will impact which symbol is used.

On the next line is the odometer reading – displayed in miles or kilometers. Next to the odometer reading, is the category type of the repair. There are many standard predefined repair types, however, you may also create new categories which can be reused in other log entries. You are also able to select multiple category types for each repair.

The last line is reserved for notes. Notes will be very useful in repair logs. In the example above, the Oil Change category is selected, however, other work was done as well. This additional work is all indicated in the notes.