GreaseMunky User Guide

Purchasing Features

You can download the GreaseMunky application free of charge, but you can't save a new record or update an existing record without a purchase. If you attempt any operation that is not supported without a purchase, you will be presented with the dialog:

Select any features you wish to purchase, then click the Buy button. The app store will then complete a secure transaction, the table will be updated to reflect the purchase. Any previously purchased features will be disabled. When you have completed any transactions you desire, click cancel to return to the previous page, where you can attempt the operation again.

If you purchase Enable Everything, all the features of the program will be enabled, as well as any future features. When this feature is selected, all other features will be disabled. Since this feature includes all other features, purchasing features in addition to this one would not make sense. If any of the other features are selected for purchase, Enable Everything will be disabled. If you deselect other features, Enable Everything will be enabled again.

Restoring Past Purchases

In some cases (for example, when you do a hard reset on your phone), your purchases may be lost. Never fear, the App Store has the receipts for your purchases, but you will need to restore them to your device. If you scroll down in the purchases page, the last table entry is titled Restore Past Purchases. If you select this item, GreaseMunky will contact the App Store to request receipts for any past purchases, and will save them on your iPhone.