GreaseMunky User Guide

Maintenance Types

The Maintenance Types screen serves dual purposes; It allows the list of maintenance types to be modified, and it allows maintenance types to be selected. This screen is access from two different parent screens. The Repair Editor screen accesses this screen so that maintenance types may be associated with the record. For example, if you got an oil change and lub, you would select these maintenance types to associate them with the repair event. This screen is also accessed by the Scheduled Maintenance screen, but in this case, only maintenance types that are designated as scheduled maintenance types are display. More on this later.

The Maintenance Types screen looks like this:

The main purpose of this screen is to allow selection from among the available maintenance types. To select a maintenance type, simply click on the associated row, a check will appear next to the entry as shown next to the "Brake Pads" entry in the image above. Click the row again to deselect it.

The Edit button at the right of the navigation bar can be clicked to delete existing entries. When you click this button, the usual editing capability allows for the deletion of individual rows. To add a new entry of your own design to the list, click the last entry, or the add image to the left of the last row. This will take you to the Maintenance Type Editor screen:

In this editor, you enter the only two things. First, the name of the maintenance type. This name describes the type of service, but remember, it will be display on a screen of limited width, so try to choose a short name. There is also a switch that can be used to indicate if the maintenance type can be scheduled or not. For example, if you want to change your wiper blades every 3 months, you might create a maintenance type for it and select the switch so this maintenance type will appear in the list of scheduled maintenance items. If this switch is not set, the associate maintenance item will can not be selected for the scheduled maintenance list.