GreaseMunky User Guide

Log Listings

Logs listings are designed to use space efficiently, but to also be as readable as possible.

To edit any log entry, select the entry row, you will navigate to an editor for that entry.

The logs are sorted by odometer readings. Sometimes, data is entered incorrectly. When log entries are encountered that contain data that conflicts with other log entries (across all the logs), the date, will be rendered in red so that it stands out. The log entry may appear like the one below:

When you see one of these entries, you will know the entry indicates a mileage greater than a mileage entered for a entry at an earlier date. This means that on one of the two entries, either the date or the odometer reading is wrong, unless the odometer has been turned back, or you passed through a time vortex in the vehicle.

Sometimes tracking down the erroneous record can be difficult. When you encounter a log entry rendered in red, you can select that record for edit. Since it is in conflict with another record, when you click the Save button, you will get an alert message that presents you with enough information on the record it conflicted with that you can find that record, potentially in a different log.

If you plot a graph with erroneous data of this sort, it will render, but portions of the graph won't make much sense.