GreaseMunky was developed for those in need of an easy to use mobile application for logging fuel, maintenance and trip activity. This powerful application was developed with households in mind featuring support for multiple vehicles and multiple drivers.


Multiple Everything

GreaseMunky was designed to support multiple vehicles and drivers. In large households, not only are multiple vehicles common, but so are multiple drivers sharing those vehicles. GreaseMunky employs Bluetooth wireless networking to synchronize log data entered into different iPhones.


A sophisticated plotting feature visualizes not only fuel economy and repair costs, but also allows users to compare these statistics across multiple vehicles. The vehicles to compare can be selected such that only the vehicles you wish to compare will be plotted.


GreaseMunky's logs are designed to be easy on the eyes. All the logs share a similar, but custom, layout. They are designed to provide much information in little space, without sacrificing legibility in the small space provided by the iPhone screen. All logs can be scrolled through, and the entries can be edited by drilling farther down into the navigation hierarchy.


All GreaseMunky editors are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Interaction with the users is conducted in a consistent manner; they differ only in the data they reference. To keep the interface easy to use and consistent, each editor has a base page that shows the current data. To edit a group of fields, the user drills down in the navigation hierarchy to another page where they focus on just those fields.

In-App Purchasing

The application can be downloaded for free, with the data we used for testing the application. However, the ability to save or modify data, and to sync with other iPhones must be purchased. When the user attempts to perform a function that requires a purchase, a simple dialog is presented where any of the available features may be selected.

  • Fuel
    Log fill-ups (full or partial), date, odometer and notes.
  • Maintenance
    Log dates, mileage and notes. Customize your list of standard maintenance operations.
  • Trips
    Log start and end dates, mileage and notes for the trips you take.
  • Reports
    Examine your data in interactive graphs.
  • Flexible
    Represent distances in miles or kilometers, represent fuel volumes in liters or gallons.
  • Photo integration
    Select a photo from your library, or take a picture directly from your camera-enabled device to include in the vehicles listing.
  • Export Data
    Export logs via email to any email address you choose.
  • Synchronize iPhones
    Synchronize data between different iPhones using wireless Bluetooth.
  • Requirements
    Requires iPhoneOS 3.0 or greater. The data synchronization feature requires Bluetooth.